About Us


Alcraze. We originally started by crafting small pieces of jewellery just as gifts to our close friends and family, we wanted to make our people feel special. Our products are there not just to make you feel adequate, but stand out and feel confident in what you own whether it's a pendant around the neck or a fine-tuned timepiece. We wanted people to dress not only to show off their sense of style, but their sense of identity. From the country that they have a connection to, to the beliefs that they hold close to their heart, we knew that peoples’ values needed an outlet.

Our jewellery are of a premium quality which are plated in 18k carrot gold. it won't tarnish or rust. We want to keep our customers happy, so we bring high quality products to the table to satisfy our customers liking. Similarly we offer premium rings which are built using 925 silver.

We also have 24/7 customer service online through email.

As for delivery times, we ship out non-customised products within 2-3 days and customised between 5-7 days.





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